Alejandro Gravier was born in Buenos Aires.

Studied at Colegio Maranista and played Rugby at SIC.

In 1987, Alejandro Gravier, in partnership with Fiat and Peugeot (at that time called Sevel in Argentina), founded Pronto Servicios. Pronto Servicios was a vehicle repair shops chain. The Company was succesfully sold in 1991.

Alejandro Gravier’s main’s original activities were quite centralized in the Construction Industry.

He founded several companies that supplied materials and services for the Construction Industry.

Gravier’s Companies owned one cement mixer, twelve ships and forty trucks. With this infrastructure, along the years, the group managed to become a major supplier and subcontractor of most large Argentine projects of the 1990’s; including the major highways like, Autopistas del Sol, Buenos Aires, La Plata, Riccieri, Acceso Oeste, Circunvalacion de Rosario, General Paz; the largest dams like, Yacyreta, Uruguai; the largest bridges like, Encarnacion Posadas; the largest gas pipelines like, Loma de la Lata; Government residences plans, etc.

The Construction group of Companies were sold in 1998 to Loma Negra Cement Group, the largest Cement Company in Argentina. At the moment of the sale the cement mixer was leading its market.

In 1998 Alejandro Gravier became a partner of El Sitio. El Sitio was a leading case in the Internet arena and managed to complete a NASDAQ IPO.

In 2008, he associated and created DESA, a subsidiary of Ducati Energia SpA Argentina.

In 2010, advised the Spanish Group Rayet and linked to Real Estate projects in South America. Selenza Village Hotel & Spa Punta del Este is the first hotel.

Married, 4 children, a supporter of San Lorenzo, polo enthusiast and keen skier, Alejandro is now focused on identifying and developing business in Real Estate Industry in Latin America.